Why People Take Anabolic S teroids?


Why do athletes take s teroids? Almost all s teroid users are taking s teroids because they believe it is the only way to develop muscle and strength. Further more, almost all bodybuilders are taken s teroids because they want to get as much strength and size as they possibly can. In my own opinion, society today makes people think that to produce muscle and size, s teroid use is mandatory. That is not the case, with hard work and determination, anything is possible, but who wants that when you can pretty much triple your size using s teroids. S teroid is a drug, and like other drugs, people take them to escape reality, and they enjoy what the drug does for them. I feel s teroid is the same case. S teroid users like what the drug has done for their size and strength, and it has taken them away from their original, smaller body. Anyone caught using s teroids, the public sees these people as cheaters and are people who have the lack of doing something "the hard way." S teroid users work hard, they work extremely hard, even as much as any regular athlete that trains. Users take s teroids for help, and for s teroids to work, the athlete must go through a great deal of weight training.
In today's world, people enjoy entertainment and people want to win. Athlete's are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Sports today has come a long way since the beginning, and records are being broken everyday. S teroids have taken sports to new levels, and it will only continue to be on the rise. Face it, there are several players in the National Football League that got to the NFL using s teroids, and several still probably are some how. Teenagers are using s teroids more than ever today, and this is becoming a big problem in the world. There are few teenagers that really know enough knowledge on s teroids, and there are several teenagers making careless mistakes while taking them. The following is by W. Nathaniel Phillips:
"In my observations, there are two main sub groups of s teroid users which can be differentiated primarily by age. Group 1 users fall below the mean age of the s teroid using population. They are usually in their tens and twenties. These users typically perceive bodybuilding and s teroid use to be a way to attract attention. They are very affixed to the notion that if they obtain one of these incredible physiques, their life will be richer and they will be more popular and successful."
If you told a youth about to take s teroids that if he takes s teroids he might die at the age of 35 instead of 55, he will probably choose the st eroids. What kid would give up the chance to make millions in a pro career doing what they want, but might die a bit earlier than expected? For this reason, it is hard for parents and educators to make a youth turn down s teroids.
Group 2 is involving users in their 30's, 40's, and over. Phillips said:
"This group, Group 2, is comprised of individuals with very different motives than Group 1. Group 2's motives for using st eroids tend to be much more intra-personal. These users are typically more conscious of health risks and therefore use the drugs more prudently. Many of these users are searching for some type of rejuvenation."
These s teroid users usually aren't planning on being as big or as strong as they can, but to improve there physical feature for them self. They usually aren't planning on entering "Mr. Olympia" or even a competitive bodybuilder.



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