Benefits Of Growth Hormones


Dropping benefits of growth hormones interests will still be reduced to add one, capital reserve rate [China's unsaturated resin] Report on November 20, 2008: benefits of growth hormones Central Bank drop interests and reduce deposit reserve ratio many times from the beginning of this year, Development Reseach Center of the State Council finance old dish think while being rich, the range that benefits of growth hormones it is all right to strengthen and drop interests, make the interest rate put in right place in one step. This comprehensive research room Deputy Director in centre says, in order to realize the goal of loose monetary policy, still need to reduce the deposit reserve ratio. It can be by benefits of growth hormones putting to drop interests in right place in one step, Central Bank has already lowered 0.27 percentage points of interest rate twice continuously at present, Chen DaoFu thinks this kind of trend will be extended. He thinks and falls in depression of international economy, economy with higher speed and the inflation pressure is not big benefits of growth hormones, may even present the deflation


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